Looking youngerthan your driver’s license says is a wonderful thing.

As we age, we gain wisdom, insight and valuable life experiences. Unfortunately, we also gain crow’s feet, laugh lines and age spots.

Luckily, science is on our side. Recent advances in the lab have led to products that utilize botanical extracts with powerful antioxidants to protect the outermost layer of the skin, peptides that stimulate the matrix molecules in the skin, including collagen, and vitamin-rich emollients to moisturize and re-hydrate. Couple that with ingredients such as grape seeds, grape skins, white pine, green tea extracts, sunflower seed oils, citrus peels, avocado and cucumber, and you get a modern skin-care regimen that sounds like a veritable botanical garden of laboratory science.

So, face the years with grace. Age beautifully. Age with wisdom and experience. But do it without the wrinkles.

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