ABOUT CHANGE.Whoever coined the phrase, “change is good” just may have stumbled upon one of the biggest understatements of all time.

Change isn’t just “good,” it’s critical to our existence . Change helps us grow mentally and physically—making us stronger, healthier, happier individuals. It allows us to become better friends, closer family and more-caring lovers. Change makes us human .

But change can also be a sign of greater things to come. As you flip through this issue of our catalog, you’ll probably notice that Nutraceutics™ has undergone a breathtaking metamorphosis. We’ve rethought everything regarding our product positioning, research strategy and approach to life. We’ve revitalized our dedication to bringing you quality living through our proven balance of science and nature. And I must admit, with healthcare’s rapid awakening to the benefits of exercise and nutrition, our timing couldn’t have been better.

So here’s to change—to happy minds and healthy bodies. Here’s to loving life, no matter your age, and to choosing a lifestyle that never stops improving. After all, as the American author Gail Sheehy wrote, “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

Welcome to the new Nutraceutics.

Jennifer Cherry
President, Nutraceutics Corporation